About Us

Dishaa – The Platinum Hub is a renowned Platinum Jewellery Wholesaler and Manufacturer based in Mumbai, India.

Dishaa has vast experience in creating the Exclusive range of Platinum Jewellery. It has a inventory from top Manufacturers of India and superior customer service, it is one of the most preferred B2B Platinum and Gold Jewellery Manufacturer and Wholesaler. Trusted by 1000+ Retail Jewellers across India and International.


Platinum Bandhan:

Platinum Bandhan is one of the most Creative & Innovative Mangalsutra made with Fusion of Gold and Platinum with the Spark of Diamond to give it more sheen.

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Platinum Farishtey:

Platinum Farishtey most Trending Collection of Platinum Kids Jewellery, it is Pure as a Soul of Child, Rarest of all & Eternal like Love that lasts Forever.

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D-The Platinum:

D - The Platinum Bars, are Platinum Bars first time ever in India by Dishaa,malready proved itself to be a well-performing Investment over the long-term and more popular in youngsters.

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Men of Platinum:

Men of Platinum, our Wide Range is perfectly crafted keeping in mind the robust look and a sense of Style.

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Platinum Evara:

Platinum Evara our top selling Jewellery is crafted to speak Sophistication and volumes,in true sense of word this Jewellery is created to speak for itself.

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Platinum Days Of Love:

Platinum Days Of Love Collection available in Wide Range, is a True reflection of Love, perfectly crafted for the modern day Love Story.

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Platinum Pride and Perfect

Platinum Pride & Perfect is the our most Exclusive Couple Jewellery Set for Bride & Groom. This Set is beautifully packed & promoted to Jewellers across India.

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